1. General information

The operator and owner of the online currency ordering site at is Money World Waldemar Zientek. The service enables booking of currencies at exchange rates stated on the site, and offers a choice of order collection locations on premises of the Chopin Airport in Warsaw.

2. Definitions

Order – booking order for a specified amount and currency, at the exchange rate stated on the site, for collection at an indicated location on premises of the Chopin Airport.
Transaction – the sale of currency on terms stated in the order.
Order placement date – the date when the booking order is placed via the site.

3. Order

The maximum value of the order may not exceed the equivalent of EUR 5,000.
We accept cash payments only.
Upon placement of an order via the site, the system generates an order placement notification, which is not the same as booking confirmation.
The booking is only confirmed by the readiness for order execution notice, generated by the system upon verification by the site operator.
Money World reserves the right to refuse execution of an order if:
  • the proposed transaction meets the criteria for its classification as dubious pursuant to the "Act on prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing",
  • the order cannot be executed due to insufficient amount of currency booked by the customer,
  • the currency sale transaction cannot be prepared or executed due to a breakdown of the power supply or IT systems,
  • the customer fails to keep the order execution date as stated by the system at order placement.

4. Complaints

Any complaints should be lodged by e-mail sent to within 10 days of the date of the event concerned. All complaints shall be considered within 7 days of their receipt.
Any disputes between Money World Waldemar Zientek and the customer shall be settled by a court with jurisdiction over the service operator’s registered office.

Currency calculator
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Value of currency booked:
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The exchange rates are updated during working hours, i.e. daily from 6 am to 11 pm.

The online booking order remains valid for 48 hours from the moment of its placement.

Money World
Warsaw Central Railway Station

Centralna Main Hall chamber H10-H11

22 606 41 64
22 846 87 86


Opening hours:
7 days a week


You are welcome to avail yourself of our services on the premises of the Warsaw Central Railway Station. The Exchange Office is located on Main Hall chamber H10-H11.

We are open daily 24h

We buy and sell 24 convertible currencies at exchange rates negotiable for transactions with the minimum value of EUR 1000 equivalent.

You can order currency on our website or over the phone and collected at our office on the day of your departure.

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