Currency rate table
currency currency symbol selling rate -
us dollar USD 4.1700 PLN Order
euro EUR 4.4800 PLN Order
pound sterling GBP 5.2900 PLN Order
norwegian krone NOK 0.3390 PLN Order
australian dollar AUD 2.7500 PLN Order
swedish krona SEK 0.3950 PLN Order
canadian dollar CAD 3.0200 PLN Order
swiss franc CHF 4.6800 PLN Order
danish krone DKK 0.5590 PLN Order
Japan yen x 100 JPY 2.8900 PLN Order
Chinese yuan CNY 0.6190 PLN Order
czech koruna CZK 0.1890 PLN Order
hungarian forint x 100 HUF 1.2800 PLN Order
georgian lari GEL 1.6300 PLN Order
dirham zea AED 1.2200 PLN Order
ukrainian hryvnia UAH 0.1030 PLN Order
russian Ruble RUB 0.0480 PLN Order
croatian kuna HRK 0.0000 PLN Order
romanian leu RON 0.9800 PLN Order
bulgarian lev BGN 2.4200 PLN Order
Iceland Krona ISK 0.0299 PLN Order
turkish lira TRY 0.1650 PLN Order
israeli shekel ILS 1.1600 PLN Order
New Zealand dollar NZD 2.7900 PLN Order
Hong Kong dollar HKD 0.5900 PLN Order
Singapore dollar SGD 3.1500 PLN Order
Thai baht THB 0.1450 PLN Order
South African rand ZAR 0.2500 PLN Order

Last update: 2024-06-14 18:00:24

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You are welcome to avail yourself of our services on the premises of the Warsaw Central Railway Station. The Exchange Office is located on Main Hall chamber H10-H11.

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